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Bug Out Planning for Teens and Tweens (Age 10-18)

As teens are entering the first stages of adulthood this is a great time to start giving them some responsibility.  They should be able to understand the seriousness of a bug out situation and grasp that all bug out group members need to pitch in and help.  As you prepare at home challenge them to make decisions in a controlled environment. Doing this will teach them to take responsibility for the well-being of the family.  Teens are also able to learn more advanced skills such as:

  • Basic survival skills
  • First aid
  • Signaling
  • Orienteering
  • Fire building
  • Scavenging
  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Shelter building
  • And many more…

Kids in this age group are able to take on more autonomous tasks to be carried out when on the move and when setting up a camp.  Teach them to take ownership over basic tasks such as gathering firewood, finding and treating water, and foraging for food.

Teens are also able to understand that a bug out situation can be very dangerous and that they may need to defend themselves or their family members.  If you are comfortable and knowledgeable in self defense or weapons training it would be wise to pass this information on to older teens in a responsible manner.

Family Bug Out Bag: Tween and Teens

  • Teen/Tween Bug Out Bag: Kids in this age group should be able to carry at minimum all their own personal gear that makes up your family bug out bag.  This may be their spare clothes, rain gear, and any tools that are specifically for their use such as a hunting or self-defense item.  Get your teen or tween a backpack made to fit their smaller frame.  Make sure it is a quality bag that is able to be carried comfortably and cinched tight to their bodies, not a cheap school book bag. 
  • Hunting Tools: Teens and Tweens are old enough to be taught at minimum proper weapon safety, care, and use.  Note that this does not have to be a firearm, if you are uncomfortable with giving a minor a gun you can still teach them to fend for themselves with a slingshot or bow and arrow.  Have them practice accuracy and stalking as a part of your regular preparedness exercises so they are ready to catch dinner when you are bugging out.
  • Knife: A knife is one of those basic tools with nearly limitless applications.  A kid in this age group should be taught how to safely carry, use, sharpen, and care for a knife.  Pack a knife for your teen in your family bug out bag or have them carry it with them in their pack.  There are numerous tasks that a teen can carry out using this to assist the welfare of the bug out group as a whole.

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