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Layers of defense for your home

If you have an unlimited budget you can buy a large tract of land and commission a firm that specializes in building hardened and fortified residential buildings to create a hardened retreat. But for the rest of us that have to live within a budget, there are still things we can do to increase our homes security now and in the event of a “the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it” (TEOTWAWKI) event.

Security should be done in layers, that should at the very least slow down would be home-invasion efforts, if they do not stop them altogether. Even a few moments of delay allows you the opportunity to get into to position to repel the attack.

We are going to discuss these layers as we move from the neighborhood inward towards the home and the individuals in the home.

Suggested layers of defense

  1. Remote Surveillance: This could include radio communication with people outside your immediate area, word of mouth or even the use of drones to surveil an area.
  2. Community Awareness: This includes your relationships with your neighbors and your awareness of who in your neighborhood is most likely to cause problems.
  3. . Early Warning Systems: Driveway sensors if you have a long driveway can be useful and depending on your location these types of sensors could also be placed on a public road further from your home if necessary to give you an early warning. However, placing them on a public road should only be done when there is a TEOTWAWKI event.
  4. Signage: This can be warning signs that you have a surveillance system regardless of whether you do or not. Signs warning of dogs on the premise or depending on your property and the believability you can warn of other animals such as a bull, ostrich or another animal even if you do not have them.
  5. Motion Lights and Sensors: Motion sensor lights can make more casual lawbreakers think twice about accessing your property. And in some cases keep four-legged predators at bay as well. So make sure you include your chicken coop in the spotlight.
  6. Fences and obstacles: Fences should not block your line of sight or help to hide the perpetrator. Thony shrubbery that does not block your line of sight is great to plant under windows to slow or stop someone from attempting to gain access there. Vehicles parked to block egress or ingress or other obstacle blocking a driveway or road. This can be done by downing a tree, or piling up sandbags.
  7. Surveillance Systems & Alarms: Doorbell systems are great for finding out what is going on without even having to go near your front door. Hardwired systems tend to be more robust and reliable than wireless systems. In a grid-down event, you will need a power supply for this line of defense to be work.
  8. Door locks and barricades: Like alarm systems, these only work if you use them. You buy film for the windows that will cut down on the ability to break them, you can install solid doors in rooms like the master bedroom and include a deadbolt to further slow entry. A quick and easy improvement to your doors is to exchange the 1″ screws that typically hold your door hardware with 3″ screws.
  9. Guard dog(s): Even a small dog can act as a warning system but a larger dog can also act as a physical deterrent if they are bonded to their family and willing to protect them.
  10. You are the final line of defense. If you live where you are permitted to have firearms make sure you know how to use them and practice often. Train anyone in your household that is responsible and willing to learn how to defend themselves.

Finally, remember that there is no shame in retreating. If you are outnumbered and outgunned it might just be time to put your escape plan into play even if it means leaving all of your preps behind.

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