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10 Benefits of Vertical Gardening

If you’re out of space, why not give vertical gardening a try? 

Vertical gardening is the solution to growing more without cramming your current garden area with even more plants. It’s also the way to grow if you’re an urban homesteader. 

Whether you opt to grow a trellis, use garden netting, a pot tower, or other garden structure, vertical gardening helps to increase your yield in a smaller amount of space, decrease the amount of time you spend gardening, and boost the health of your plants.

Plants trained to grow upward, such as pole beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and trailing kinds of cucumber, squash, and melon are some of our favorites to grow vertically. 

If you’re out of space, why not give it a try? 

Benefits of Vertical Gardening 

#1 More Plants in a Smaller Area 

You’d be amazed how much you can grow vertically. Vertical container gardens on a deck or patio produce more plants in less area.

#2 Utilizes Unused Spaces

Vertical gardening allows you to use otherwise worthless spaces like walls and fences. Plus, you can place containerized, vertically grown plants everywhere. Use it on your driveway, balcony, or roof.

#3 Easy to Maintain 

Vertical gardening’s simplicity of maintenance is one of its biggest benefits. With vertical containers, you avoid a lot of the weeds, pests, and soil-born diseases — decreasing maintenance time and effort.

#4 Improves Plant Health

Vegetables and flowers that grow vertically are less prone to rot because they get plenty of airflow. Trellising promotes plant health by reducing the spread of soil-borne fungus and disease. 

#5 Reduces Some Pests

Vertical gardening helps protect plants from root-feeding pests. Obviously, it won’t get rid of all pests, but you cut out a lot of soil-loving little critters. 

#6 Saves Time

You’ll spend less time weeding, fertilizing, spraying, and watering, and your plants and crops will improve.

#7 Reaches Where the Sun Don’t Shine

If you have parts of your garden that don’t get a lot of sun, using a garden tower with wheels allows you to rotate or move the structure periodically throughout the day so the plants get more sun. Additionally, growing on a trellis will help plants get more light than they would on the ground, 

#8 Grow More of a Variety 

Vertical gardening expands the type of plants you grow. If you’re running low on space and want to grow more veggies that take up a lot of square footage (like pumpkins and cucumbers), grow them up!

#9 Easier to Harvest

Veggies grown in vertical towers or on trellises are easier to spot…and better on your back. 

#10 Improves Privacy and Attractiveness

Vertical structures help provide privacy, conceal unsightly sections of your yard, and offer garden rooms and secret spaces in your yard. 

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