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Playing Cards That Help You Get Prepared

You’ve probably seen playing cards that have edible plant identification information, or trees, flowers, birds, etc. Now Ready Hour has come out with a set of Vegas-quality playing cards related to prepping.

Each card focuses on a single prep category—water purification, first aid, etc. It shows you the best starting point in that category and how to build from there

For example, Aces, 2s, and 3s will show you how to assemble your most fundamental needs. All the 5 cards cover some area of first aid, 10 cards covers things like hand tools, cutting tools, transportation, etc.

Something for everyone

There is something for both the beginning prepper and the more experienced prepper on these cards. For a beginning prepper, they can just follow the cards in sequence starting from the Aces and have a plan laid out for them. Personally, the more advanced cards showed me a couple of areas where I was coming up short in knowledge.

Where to find them

So far I have only found these cards on the My Patriot Supply site. I know most people tend to think of them as strictly a vendor for long-term food, but they do have a “Survival Essentials” section too that has some unique items.

Oh, and speaking of food, while I was poking around at My Patriot Supply I noticed they have added more variety of foods to their kits which is good news if you are wanting to put away a little stash just in case you have a bad year gardening; or if like my family you are just addicted to the potato soup. It is so quick and easy to fix we started getting it in the #10 cans for the times we are too busy with kidding or other things to cook a full meal.

While you are over there, take a minute and sign up for their 6-month food supply give-away.

*Note: We do not have an affiliate relationship with My Patriot Supply

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