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The ‘good news’ about civil unrest

The mainstream media is talking about “civil unrest” a lot these days and speculation is running high about what will happen after the election. And by “civil unrest” they mean rioting and looting. According to an article in USAToday “3 of 4 voters worry about violence in a divided nation.”

Prepping sites on Facebook are being flooded with people that seem to have just realized how close previous riots were to where they live and they are feeling “nervous” and want to know how they can prepare with just a few day’s notice.

As we have previously discussed this “nervousness” about what will happen after the election has a lot of people on edge, and the stores are showing the strain with empty shelves becoming a frequent sight based on pictures shared from around the US.

So what is the good news?

If you are already living a self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle the (potential) civil unrest is not likely to have any direct effect on you or your community. Other than to mess up the supply chain – but you are already prepared for that, right?

If you live in an urban or suburban environment but have at least a month or two supply of food and water on hand, and do not need to risk a trip to any store for a few weeks you are also not as likely to be affected by rioting and looting. But it still pays to keep a close eye on your local news.

New to prepping or need a review?

For over a year now we have done our best to provide you with the necessary info and resources to be prepared and if you have heeded our advice as well as the advice of others you are probably in good shape and can lay low and ride out whatever happens in relative comfort and safety.

If you are a new reader or just feel like you could use a review, here are some links to previous articles that will help you be as prepared as possible for what may be coming next.

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